Best things to do in Manchester

Whether you want to experience classic or modern cuisine at one of Manchester’s finest restaurants, learn about the most cutting-edge art exhibitions, or watch some of the best live theatres in the country, Manchester is the place to be. And that’s before we even get to the classic clubs that have made the city famous throughout the world.

The Stone Roses, The Smiths, and the Hacienda have solidified Manchester’s position in musical history. At the same time, its rich industrial and architectural past makes it a fascinating place to just walk around.

We’ve compiled our definitive list of ‘must do’ Manchester activities to help you decide how to spend your time here.

Manchester’s Best Attractions

1) Dine your way around Ancoats, Manchester 

What is it? A canalside neighbourhood that has emerged as the place to be. This past textile quarter has become a favourite with local and visiting foodies with the sweep of a regeneration wand.

Why should you go? Ancoats was known as Little Italy before it became a favourite hangout for food-obsessed Millennials, honouring the many Italian immigrants who settled there in the late nineteenth century. Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, one of the first transformative eateries to set up shop, honours its tradition with great pizza.

2) Have the time of your life at the Manchester Warehouse Project

What is it? One of the world’s most famous nightlife venues.

Why should I go? It is not an exaggeration to state that Manchester’s Warehouse Project is well-known worldwide. The fantastic popularity of the clubbing series has driven it from a derelict Boddingtons brewery near Strangeways jail to a Second World War air-raid bunker beneath Manchester Piccadilly station, with many pauses in between. They relocated again in 2019 to Depot Mayfield, a lot larger (and more stunning) venue just around the block.

3) Take a stroll along Beech Road

What is it? A peaceful, attractive street in the Chorlton neighbourhood of Manchester, crammed with independent cafés and boutiques.

Why should I go? After a night on the tiles, choose from one of the lovely little cafés that line Beech Road. Take a break on The Laundrette’s shaded patio, where you can order a cheeky Bloody Mary and a brioche bun breakfast burger that will knock your socks off.

It’s a short walk from here to Chorlton Green and then to Chorlton Water Park, a lovely nature reserve where a flask of tea and a picnic in the sun (yes, it does get sunny in Manchester) will finish out a great day.

4) Take a coffee tour around the city

What is it? The booming artisanal coffee scene in Manchester.

Why should I go? If you’re in the Northern Quarter, head to Takk, an Icelandic-style restaurant; the spacious, modernist Foundation Coffee House; or the tiny Fig + Sparrow, which focuses on locally produced vegetables. Pot Kettle Black is located in the Barton Arcade on the other side of the city, at Deansgate.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting city to explore, Manchester is the place for you. With plenty of tourist attractions to keep you busy, as well as a vibrant nightlife scene, there’s something for everyone in this northern English city.

There you have it, our top things to do in Manchester. If you wish to move to Manchester or just want to chat about Manchester lettings, visit our Manchester location today or phone us on 0151 363 6686.