Factors when choosing student accommodation in Liverpool

Factors when choosing student accommodation in Liverpool

You’ve just got accepted to university in Liverpool which means the big move is approaching. Moving to a new city is exciting but also daunting. If you have never lived away from home before, there are a few things to consider when choosing your student letting. Qube residential want to make the moving process as easy as possible for students. So, here are our top tips for choosing your home away from home!

  1. View the property before you sign

You might be surprised at how many students sign property agreements before viewing them in person. This is extremely important as pictures can be deceiving especially when it comes to the size of your accommodation! Another tip is to visit the property during the day and in the evening, this way you can get a feel of what it’s typically like on a daily basis. All Qube Residential properties are available to view, just make a booking online!

  1. Ensure your deposit is protected

If your accommodation in Liverpool requires a deposit, make sure you know the terms of it. As long as you meet the terms of the agreement when your lease ends, you are intitled to receive your deposit back. Therefore, pay your bills on time and avoid damaging the property and you will be guaranteed your money!

  1. Are there any hidden costs?

If it’s your first time moving out and into student lettings, you might not be aware of how renting works. It’s important to research and ask what exactly is included in your monthly rent. Will you have to pay separately for bills such as Wi-Fi, Broadband or heating? These costs add up as well!

  1. Do you have enough space?

Your student accommodation might be a little different from home but once you add your own touch, it will feel like home! An important factor to consider when choosing your letting is whether you have enough space or not, especially if you are sharing with a friend. You will be living in your student accommodation for 12 months minimum, so make sure it’s worth it! 

  1. Location

Are you someone who likes to be within walking distance to everything? For students renting accommodation, being central is the best option. Most students who move to the city don’t bring their cars therefore, a central location is key. This will also save you money on taxis and public transport. Location is also important for meeting new friends. If you are renting student accommodation, try to find somewhere that’s a student area so you can meet more people. Another aspect to location is being near nightlife and local shops. Concert square is where Liverpool nightlife thrives and is a short distance from the infamous Liverpool One, so accommodation near here is worth considering! 

If you’re not sure who to contact about student accommodation, get in contact with Qube Residential today. We manage student accommodation daily and provide a trustworthy service to find you the best location.