Halloween House Statistics in the UK

This week is Halloween. For this week’s article, we are focusing on some spooky Halloween facts to prepare you for the weekend ahead. Dataloft estimates that people spend at least £474 million during All Hallows Eve in the UK, equal to 1,794 average-priced homes. The expense of procuring pumpkins alone would buy approximately 110 homes at £29.7 million.

For the superstitious among us, 7,361 residences carrying the number 13 sold their house in the last year. With the average price of such properties being a handsome £321,676. The Witches Cauldron, Spider Web Cottage, Broomstick Corner, Cackle Street, Hell Wath Grove, Coffin Close, Bat Gardens, and Dark Lane are just a few of the creepy property addresses in the UK.

More Halloween house facts… 

Did you know that according to a new study, having a ghost may enhance the value of your property by £48,000? According to an Inventorybase study, if you live in a haunted house, you can sell it for up to £48,000 more than the average street price.

Inventorybase specialists examined five of the UK’s most haunted available to purchase houses. According to the survey, the combined average maximum price of a haunted house is 18% more than the same type of property in the exact location. The house portrayed in the film ‘The Conjuring 2’, at 284 Green Street in Enfield Town, Since the film’s premiere in 2016, has risen by more than £100,000 (30%), from £330,000 to £431,000.

In addition to the houses above, 39 De Grey Street in Hull was the house with the most significant price rise. With a 53% increase in price compared to other properties on the same street. The Cage, also known as the spookiest property in Britain, is 17% more costly than other residences in the same neighbourhood. The search term ‘sell my haunted house’ is now trending and has seen a 120% spike in search volume over the last year.

The original Conjuring House is presently on the market for £1.2 million, yet it was initially sold for just £439,000. That’s a £761,000 gain since the films’ debut.

Something to consider… 

September 2021 was the third busiest month for home sales in the United Kingdom since records began in 2005. (HMRC). It is projected that around 161,000 sales occurred. Compared to 199,000 in June 2021 and roughly 177,000 in March 2016 before the 3% SDLT increase. Despite a drop in sales volume throughout the summer months, sales activity in 2021 has significantly outpaced longer-term trends. To make 2021 the busiest sales market on record, sales volumes in the last quarter will need to be 17% higher than in 2020.

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Source: Dataloft, UKHPI, Land Registry, Mintel (2019), HMRC, provisional estimates for data July 2021 onwards, based on UK sales seasonally adjusted.