Key Questions to Ask Your Liverpool Letting Agent

Here at Qube Residential, we have a range of properties in Liverpool for renting or buying, whether you need residential or student accommodation. We love helping people find their perfect home in Liverpool as it has so much to offer. If you’re debating moving to Liverpool, and this is your first property hunt, it can be a daunting experience. You will need to know how to ask the right questions, as it’s essential to get the best picture of what will work best for you.

1) “Will I be accountable for any bills?”

In most situations, you’ll be responsible for all household expenditures associated with a rental property. Find out if you’ll be able to transfer energy and broadband providers to the best rates as a new tenant.

Check that you won’t be responsible for costs like service charges, building insurance, and ground rent, which the property owner generally handles.

2) “Has a carbon monoxide detector been installed?”

Carbon monoxide detectors aren’t costly, but they’re only required in rooms with fuel-burning equipment. If the property does not have one, you may wish to make a request or purchase one yourself.

Gas safety inspections are required by law every 12 months and are documented in an obligatory gas safety certificate.

It’s also a legal requirement that every level of the property contains at least one smoke alarm.

3) “Can you tell me who my initial point of contact is in Liverpool?”

Just in case a problem may crop up, it’s vital to know if you’ll initially deal with the renting agent or the landlord.

4) “Can I renovate or bring pets into the house?”

It all boils down to the landlord’s rules when it comes to pets and remodelling. However, be explicit with any requirements from the start or risk losing your money later on.

5) “What does it mean for the property to be furnished?”

Find out precisely what is left if the property is being rented furnished or partially furnished. After all, most of what you see during your tour may be the property of the current renters.

Whether you wish to bring your own furniture into the apartment, check with the renting agency or landlord to see if they would allow it.

6) “Can you tell me how old the boiler is?”

Despite being the landlord’s duty, if the home has a boiler that appears to be on its last legs, it might have a significant impact on you. When you move in, the last thing you want to discover is that the hot water is inconsistent, and the water pressure is poor. Keep in mind that all rental properties must now have an Energy Performance Certificate with a minimum E rating.

7) “Am I in charge of the garden?”

If it’s a shared facility, there may be a gardener on staff. On the other hand, it may be included in your contract that you are responsible for keeping the garden neat.

If you are considering moving to Liverpool, take a look on our website at some fantastic residential and student homes. We are experts in finding individuals the perfect accommodation when moving to the city. Get in touch today!