Liverpool Student Accommodation Guide

Liverpool is an excellent destination to study. It provides everything a student needs, with a handful of prominent universities and a lively city full of things to do and places to explore. Where should you live while studying? What is the best Liverpool Student Accommodation for you? Find out in our latest blog…

Halls of Residence: Liverpool Student Accommodation

The university halls of residence are the default choice for most first-year students and some postgraduates. They are generally owned and run by the university and provide dormitory-style lodging, similar to a hotel. You’ll most likely have your own room and maybe an ensuite bathroom. There will frequently be public rooms for washing and cooking, storage, and sometimes social spaces as well.

Halls of residence are typically the ideal option for your first year since they introduce you to university life and make you feel like you’re a part of it.

It’s also a terrific chance to make new friends and become acquainted with your new surroundings.

Benefits of Halls

  • Includes bills.
  • Great for finding new acquaintances and socialising.
  • Typically located on campus and a short walk to class.

The Disadvantages of Halls

  • Some halls are dated.
  • When compared to alternatives, it might be costly.
  • Not all of the halls will be ensuite.

University-Owned Property: Liverpool Student Accommodation

Some universities, like communal housing, possess their own residences. They might be ordinary houses on ordinary streets, but only students can rent them out. 

They function similarly to house shares (HMOs), which divide a house into individual bedrooms with a communal kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

University-owned homes are frequently reserved for international students, researchers, and other students. Other universities make them available to all students after accommodating specific interest groups.


  • The university owns and maintains it.
  • More privacy and lower noise levels than hallways.
  • Share the kitchen and other facilities with fewer students.

The Disadvantages

  • You typically won’t get an ensuite.
  • It may be a further distance from campus.

Private Residence Halls: Liverpool Student Accommodation

Private halls of residence offer all of the advantages of university halls, but they are owned or operated by private firms. They are generally off campus yet near to class and city amenities.

Private halls of residence tend to draw more investment than university halls. So, they are frequently more modern, with ensuite rooms and services like housekeeping and security.

They will blend the student experience with a more hotel-like environment and are frequently near town or city centres for extra convenience.

If you need private student accommodation in Liverpool, why not have a look at our current rentals?


  • Buildings that are more stylish and have better facilities.
  • Typically, ensuite.
  • Includes bills.
  • Extras such as cleaning social spaces and security might be included.

The Disadvantages 

  • Usually not directly on campus.

Pick the Best Liverpool Student Accommodation 

These are the usual choices for a student living in Liverpool. There may be specialised alternatives such as apartment sharing or remaining at home, but for the vast majority of students attending university, these are the best options.

Our offices are based in Liverpool, with our award-winning staff to meet all of your house hunting needs. If you are interested in moving to Liverpool for uni or want to discuss your options, visit our Liverpool location today or phone us on 0151 363 6686.