Manchester student accommodation guide

Manchester is a huge city. Therefore you may find people who are like you (students) everywhere. Manchester student accommodation may be a fantastic choice for first-year students. We’ll go into why later in this blog, but first, let’s dive into the main Manchester student areas. 

Main Manchester student accommodation areas

Manchester city centre

When living in the city centre, you’ll be closer to the campuses along Oxford Road and in the middle of the city, which is handy if you study at The University of Manchester. Private accommodation is often more expensive in the city. However, since you would save money on transportation, it could make sense for you. The centre is a popular choice for University of Salford students looking to live off campus.

Didsbury and Withington

Both areas have plenty of pubs and restaurants and are less populated by students. Withington is a great place to live as long as you don’t mind a little less hustle and bustle. On the other hand, Didsbury is better suited to young professionals and offers beautiful scenery.


This is the location for you if you’re seeking a bustling student hub. Fallowfield, roughly 2.5 kilometres from the Oxford Road campuses and located just past Rusholme, is full of lively bars, cafés, and other establishments catering to students.

Elizabeth Park

This area is between the city centre and Fallowfield, right before you reach Rusholme, green Victoria Park is a good choice if you want quieter living. It is on Oxford Road near the universities and surrounded by all the activity of Curry Mile, yet it is still relatively quiet. Due to its proximity to the hospital, this is also perfect for students studying medicine.

All of these locations have direct bus routes that travel to the main university campus on Oxford Road. You will undoubtedly pass a few takeaways on the route!


With Qube Residential, our agents can help you find upscale and reasonably priced accommodation in Salford if you decide to live off campus. This area is one of the top choices for Manchester students, and for good reason! There is an endless choice of cafes, bars and restaurants, not to mention entertainment!

What about transport for Manchester student accommodation?

At first, moving about Manchester and between campuses could seem intimidating. However, a fantastic public transportation system is well-integrated, affordable, and simple to use. You will never be too far away whether you are travelling to and from lectures or exploring another area of the city.

Manchester student accommodation

Qube Residential is a recognised rental housing provider for Manchester universities if you prefer private accommodation. To browse some options, visit our dedicated sections for Manchester and Salford on our website to view our current student lettings.

We have a head office in Manchester and an award-winning team to fulfil all of your property-seeking needs. If you wish to move to Manchester for university or want to explore your options, visit our Manchester office or call us on 0161 302 8141.