Moving to Manchester: Student Accommodation Checklist

Moving into Manchester student accommodation is a fantastic experience! Manchester is a bustling student city, one of the best in the UK, and as a student, you’ll want to know everything there is to know about this fantastic city. As the home of the industrial revolution, it has always been a centre of invention and change, with a rebellious aura. With a few different universities, busy nightlife, arts and culture spilling out of your ears, fantastic food, and some top-tier sport to enjoy, there is enough to see and do in this northern powerhouse city. 

Manchester Student Accommodation

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If you are planning on moving to Manchester to attend university and need a quick guide to get you going, keep reading. 

What universities are there in Manchester? 

If you have already secured a place at a Manchester university, then feel free to skip this section! However, you may find this helpful if you are at the very beginning of your uni search. 

There are several universities and institutions in Manchester that you might attend as a student.

  • The University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • The University of Salford
  • Manchester Medical School
  • The Manchester Business School
  • The Royal Northern College of Music

The majority of students will attend Manchester Metropolitan or the University of Manchester, which together have over 75,000 students. It contributes to Manchester being an intriguing, dynamic student city with lots to explore.

The University of Manchester is a world-renowned research university and one of the top academic universities in the United Kingdom, with a massive collection of over 4.2 million printed volumes and manuscripts housed within one of only five National Research Library.

Manchester Metropolitan Institution is a contemporary university to make higher education available to anybody with a desire to learn, regardless of background. Manchester Metropolitan University’s Students’ Union is one of the largest in the country, providing counsel and guidance.

What’s the cost of living in Manchester?

Manchester has a low cost of living for such a large city with so much going on. It is a good location for students who want to make the most of their living expenses.

It’s clear to see how local businesses, transportation providers, and Manchester’s nightlife compete for students’ approval.

You won’t be short of bar or club offers, eateries discounts, and low transport prices in Manchester. 

Manchester transport 

Even if you are relocating to Manchester as a student and are unfamiliar with the city, it is a straightforward place to navigate.

The colleges are walkable, and there are easy and safe bike lanes. There are several public transportation options and student discounts and passes.

A single bus trip costs £1.50, a day ticket costs £4, and a weekly ticket costs only £8.20.

The tram services are well-stocked, providing to people travelling to and from the city’s outskirts, and there are also free bus rides connecting the city’s three major train stations (Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, and Manchester Oxford Road).

As you can see, relocating to Manchester as a student opens up many possibilities. The universities are among the best in the country, so you’ll be well-equipped to study hard and succeed! 

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