Top Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Putting your home up on the market should be an exciting time as you move onto the next chapter of your life in a new location. But selling your home is easier said than done in most cases. It requires a lot of “back and forth”, and of course you will want to find the right buyer. Besides boxing up all of your belongings and checking you don’t leave anything behind, there are a number of important “boxes” that need ticked. Here are Qube Residentials top tips for getting your home ready for the Liverpool market.

Get the right price

Sometimes overpricing your home can delay the process and lead to you having to eventually reduce the price. It is advised to first get your home valued and ask your estate agent how they arrived at this price. It will soon become clear whether or not your home is receiving attention online due to the number of enquiries. But it’s also important to be patient as the housing market can go through busy and quiet periods!

Get ready to take photographs

When your home goes onto the market online, it’s important that you do your best to showcase it. This means decluttering and tidying rooms around your house. A top tip when photographing rooms is to open the blinds as darker rooms can tend to look smaller. In more domestic rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, it can be beneficial to clean surfaces and glass doors as it can affect an image more than you think.

Have the correct documents

Between your estate agent and solicitor, you will be handing over quite a bit of paperwork throughout the process. It’s beneficial to start collecting these documents early to avoid rushing at the last minute. If you are unsure what documents you require, give our team at Qube Residential a call.

Choose the right estate agent

Finally, when selling your home, you will need to carefully select an estate agent you can trust. The first step is to get your property valued. Qube Residential have 40 years of extensive experience in evaluating homes across Liverpool, which is what you should look for when choosing an agent.

Another factor that should determine your choice of estate agent is how available are they. The selling process can be made easier by having someone there to take care of it for you. At Qube Residential, our staff are here to answer your queries 24/7. We assign a dedicated sales progressor to every sale to ensure it gets the attention it needs. And don’t worry, we involve all our sellers in the selling process as you will be given access to our online portal. Here you can check up on the sales progression, the property status and any viewing feedback. Therefore, we keep it completely transparent to ensure you get the right buyer.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Get in touch with Qube Residential today to receive a valuation, to begin with.