The Best Productivity Apps For University in Liverpool

To excel at your university in Liverpool, you must focus intensely from time to time and increase your ability or work efficiently. There will be a lot of expectations placed on you, but don’t worry. There’s no need to be overwhelmed. We’re here to help you rise to the occasion with our suggestions for the top productivity tools every student should use.

Several digital productivity tools are available to help you achieve your goals, whether you use them to save time or keep yourself motivated. They can help you organise your notes, manage group projects, save key online articles, and keep your files in a convenient, accessible location, among other things. 

Keeping notes: OneNote

This note-taking tool will let you keep all of your notes in one place and organised in distinct digital ‘notebooks.’ OneNote is part of the Office 365 package and is thus free for students; you only need a valid university email account to start.

OneNote allows you to pin multimedia elements from various digital formats, such as web pages and images. To ensure that you haven’t missed anything during a lecture, take a snapshot of the whiteboard or handouts and save it to OneNote, then scribble notes over the top using a stylus before saving it to your notebook for later revision.

OneNote is accessible on all major platforms and is for usage on any device.

For concentrating at university in Liverpool: Focus

Do you struggle with all of the distractions and interruptions that come with living in a student house? By arranging frequent breaks, you may re-train your brain to focus your attention during study sessions using the Pomodoro approach. This strategy genuinely aids in the completion of more revisions and increases productivity.

The Focus app digitises the Pomodoro technique by reminding you to take breaks and providing a timer to indicate when your next one is due. You can adjust the length of your session to suit your needs.

GoogleDrive for a file management service

You already have access to Google Drive if you have a Google account. It costs nothing to start, and the free account includes 15GB of cloud storage space, which is far more than equivalent productivity tools by Apple or Microsoft.

You can store all your information on Google Drive so that if the worst occurs and your laptop dies, your files and papers will be immediately accessible on your new computer.

If you’re working on a group assignment, you can easily share a folder or document with your study partners. If you’re using Google Sheets or Docs, you can even work on them simultaneously.

Grammarly can help with proofreading

If you write anything, Grammarly is an essential requirement; we believe it is one of the greatest productivity tools available. This simple grammar checker ensures that your spelling and grammar are right by serving as a second set of eyes and precisely checking all of your work.

Allow it to correct a written assignment, and it will find many more faults than a regular spell checker. This saves you the time it takes to sift through a document looking for flaws. It also has a powerful plagiarism checker. This notifies you if you have duplicate material by searching billions of online sites and databases.

Simply install it as a browser add-on and allow it to connect to your laptop or computer.

If you are preparing for another year at your university in Liverpool or have just started, why not try downloading these apps? We hope you find them helpful!

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