The top Liverpool beer gardens

Liverpool beer gardens are great places to enjoy a drink and some amazing food. They’re an ideal way to spend the last of these sunny summer days and offer a relaxed atmosphere, with many offering stunning views of the city. Liverpool is home to plenty of top beer gardens, but which are the top ones? We compiled an extensive list of the best beer gardens in Liverpool, which you can view below.

The Pen Factory 

The presence of sunshine and fresh air were always on owner Paddy Byrne’s wish list, and everything fell into place when he reopened the Pen Factory in the Annexe, next door basement. You’ll find yourself in a lovely underground patio, a lush new beer garden world. It is easily accessible by large iron gates on Arrad Street and the more exclusive Hope Street in front.

The Monro 

If the food doesn’t appeal to you, head straight towards the pub’s back and the beautiful outdoors. Ring up before you go, and a table will be set aside for you. The Monro’s unique selling point is the sun, which at the height of summer shines down on it until 9.30 p.m. Obviously, you’ll need a pint to go with that!

Ye Cracke

Ye Cracke’s beer garden has long been its major attraction. Try the wine in miniature bottles, one after the other. You’ll find that Vodka and Coke is the fanciest drink in this place. If you don’t fancy that, plenty of beer is available to keep you going. Try a pint of Black Sheep and a package of pork scratchings for your tea. 

Kazimier Garden

The group behind the wildly popular Kazimier and Invisible Wind Factory brings you The Kazimier Garden. The “Kaz” Garden, sometimes imitated but never beaten, blooms year-round. A mezzanine, a wood fire, and a tonne of delicious cuisine are all available. 

Oh Me Oh My

This stunning beer garden is both a famous spot and a secret area. This is one of the top vantage points in the city if you appreciate admiring the waterfront’s architecture and the most beautiful sunsets. A cocktail and beverage menu with a garden theme includes summer cups, fruit spritzers, and homemade G&T infusions.

Tempest on Tithebarn

The stunning beer garden is reminiscent of the restaurants in New York’s meatpacking district and places a strong emphasis on brunches, lunches, cocktails, and craft beer. The 10-story-tall Tempest, owned by Iain Hoskins of Ma Boyle’s, another wonderful little outdoor gem, has one of the most fantastic roof-top vistas in the city and offers breathtaking views of Liverpool in all directions. From the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus to the music and activities, which include a jazz festival in the summer, there is something for everyone.

That just about wraps up our list of the best beer gardens in Liverpool. When deciding where to try next, you only have to weigh a few factors: your budget and time, what kind of food and drink you’re looking for, etc. 

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