Top 5 Studying At Home Tips

We want our renters and students to achieve their maximum potential as we embrace the Post-Covid future of remote jobs and online courses in our homes/student housing. According to February 2022 National Statistics, 84% of workers who have to work from home because of the pandemic stated that they wanted to do hybrid work in the future. Working and studying at home can sometimes be challenging, but creating a dedicated routine and work area can boost productivity and motivation, whether studying or working remotely.

Declutter your Room 

Living and working in the same space might be congested. To escape a cluttered room as your zoom backdrop, why not declutter your workspace/room? A tidy workstation reduces stress and boosts productivity and concentration. Throwing out stuff you don’t need or storing them in storage boxes, even under your bed, will help you make more room in your home. Making your bed and cleaning your space in the mornings makes it easy and will become second nature to you after a time.

Create a Designated Work/Study Space

Setting up a specific work area helps you separate your living and work spaces, which is especially important if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Set aside a table for working or studying, preferably near natural light, such as a window. This keeps you from falling into dangerous habits like working from your bed or sofa, blurring the line between sleep and work. 

Open Your Windows when Studying at Home

Allow yourself to breathe! It might be hard to sleep and work in the same room sometimes. Opening your windows allows fresh air into your workstation and allows you to relax in compact spaces. Improving your room’s oxygen levels can also aid the brain fuel productivity while increasing your vitality and alertness. Similarly, purchasing humidifiers or air purifiers will quickly lower co2 levels and enhance humidity levels in your room. 

Get Creative with Your Work Space 

It is advisable to avoid a monotonous setting if you intend to work from home in the long run. Adding plants to your workplace may bring a splash of colour and boost productivity. Pinboards, mood boards, and vision boards can be visually stimulating additions to your workspace. These boards motivate you and keep you on track to achieve your personal and educational objectives.

Take a Break when Studying at Home

Take pauses, go out of your apartment, and relax. Make the most of your lunch by walking to the local coffee shop or café. Why not try something new and bring some of your work to a coffee shop? A change of scenery or dynamics might help to break up your day and keep you energetic. It can also provide you with a much-needed caffeine jolt.

We know that making the jump to living on your own for the first time can be daunting. Especially when you have the extra pressure of University. We hope you found these tips helpful for your next step into life as a student!

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