Top Benefits for Apartment Living

Not only do Qube Residential sell and rent properties, but we also manage some of the most luxurious yet affordable apartment buildings in Liverpool and Manchester. From student accommodation in Salford to The Green Rooms in Media CityQube Residential are sure to find your perfect new home. 

If you are currently house or apartment hunting, you may be deciding what will be the best choice to fit in with you, your career and your lifestyle. We have brought together the top benefits of living in an apartment building so you can make the most suitable choice. 


The financial element of renting is the number one advantage of living in an apartment. In general, rent is less expensive than a mortgage. Other financial components like maintenance and utilities are also typically less due to the smaller size of the living space and the increased responsibility of the landlord/owner compared with the tenant. 


As mentioned under the financial advantages, maintenance costs are typically cheaper because of the liability of the landlord/owner. It’s a tick off the “things to do” list. At Bridgewater Point, the communal gardens look after themselves, no need to worry about shovelling or watering the plants. The peace of mind and the flexibility to renting are priceless.


Unlike houses, apartment complexes typically have specialised amenities such as pools, gyms, convenience stores, and laundry facilities on-site or within close vicinity. Although these components may always be integrated into your house, the financial investment is not as beneficial. Living in an apartment can prove to be a very efficient living situation.


Although many homeowners invest in some type of home security system, apartment complexes also invest in their tenants’ general safety. Multi-unit homes are the safest places for single women, children, families, and the elderly due to the proximity of neighbours (as opposed to being the only one in a house at any given time) and standard apartment complex safety precautions.


Simply speaking, apartment dimensions are practical. A freshly graduated university student is seeking a place to call home, including a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and perhaps a kitchen. This area does not need to be huge; it simply needs to feel secure and charming. Most people, including university students, and even friends who want to live together, have the same basic safety needs.


Another significant advantage of apartment living is the social moments when living in proximity with others and contacts formed during one’s stay. Although there is a sense of community in rural and suburban settings, living in an apartment increases the chances of making lifelong connections.


Apartment rentals are an excellent short-term alternative to owning a house. Choosing to purchase a home is a lifelong aim, but you must live someplace while you prepare to fulfil that desire. An apartment is the ideal intermediate choice whether you are building credit, saving money, or mentally preparing for buying a home.

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