What are the Types of Liverpool Student Lettings?

If you are studying in Liverpool, your options for Liverpool Student Lettings are diverse, accommodating various wants and needs. Some are handled directly by the university, while private landlords manage others. Then there are student homes, rental rooms, communal houses and flats. Determining what is best for you might be tough with so many options available.

Most first-year students will be able to obtain housing on campus (some may be near campus). This may even be essential in some circumstances. They are handy for your studies and meet all your basic needs (some even include canteens).

Liverpool Student Lettings or halls of residence are also available. They are comparable to campus student housing in that they are purpose-built and provide the essential amenities and services; only private firms manage them. They are usually near campus and handy, although they might be more expensive.

In many circumstances, you will need to leave university-run halls of residence during your last years of study, at which point you will most likely wish to rent a room or home in the surrounding area. These, once again, can be managed directly by the university or by commercial corporations and landlords. 

What should you look for in Liverpool Student Lettings?

With so many different types of student housing available, you must assess which qualities are most important to you. We recommend making a list of your requirements and determining which homes will most likely meet them.

Think of price with Liverpool Student Lettings

Price is certainly an essential consideration for any student. It is uncommon for someone to attend university with unrestricted funds; rent can consume roughly three-quarters of a student loan. There is always a fine line between price and quality; finding one might sometimes mean compromising the other. 


For many students, the social aspect of education is just as vital as academics. Students prefer to gather in the same locations even when they reside in private housing in the city, adjacent to other clubs and pubs. If you wish to have a more relaxing student experience, we recommend looking for a home that is in more of a residential area rather than a known student area. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Liverpool Student Lettings?

With a greater understanding of the types of student housing available, you may wish to consider the individual benefits and drawbacks of each. These variables are in addition to any other considerations you may have while selecting your lodging:

Private Halls

These are designed specifically for students, so you will have access to all the amenities you need, such as Wi-Fi, laundry services, and maybe even a gym. Most of the benefits of university-managed residence halls apply, such as the opportunity to network with other students, strong security, and closeness to campus.

Private halls often tend to be more expensive. This is true for basic packages, but it also contains other exciting extra services such as onsite cinemas. 

Finding a spot at one of the various Qube Residential Properties in the heart of Liverpool is one way to make the most of your accommodation options. Our Liverpool student accommodation provides some of the best value for money right in the heart of the city, without sacrificing quality. 

Our offices are based in Liverpool, with our award-winning staff to meet all of your student letting hunting needs. If you are interested in moving to Liverpool for uni or want to discuss your options, visit our Liverpool location today or phone us on 0151 363 6686.