What to Know Before Moving to Liverpool

Do you intend on moving to Liverpool? You will have an exciting life ahead of you. Liverpool’s cultural richness, ethnic diversity, rapidly growing economy, and affordable housing are just a few of the benefits of relocating to one of the most well-known English cities. Find everything you need to know in our article below!

Moving to Liverpool

About the city

Liverpool, located in Merseyside, North West England, has a population of over 400,000 people. Making it one of the largest cities in the North of England and the country. Historically, much of its growth was driven by its reputation as a prosperous port. Which was once a gateway to the rest of the world due to its unique geographical location. This port position also contributed to Liverpool’s vast international community. It remains strong today, making relocating to Liverpool a popular choice for many.

Surprisingly, the city is said to be home to the country’s oldest African community and Europe’s oldest Chinese community. The most recent census revealed that an above-average proportion of Liverpool residents had relocated to the UK in the preceding two years, demonstrating that it is a popular location for people to emigrate to.

How to spend a day in Liverpool | National Geographic

Visas for entry into the United Kingdom

Anyone relocating to Liverpool from outside the United Kingdom must have a valid passport. However, not everyone will require a visa. If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA member state (or Switzerland), you can work, study and live in Liverpool without a visa or work permit. You can visit the UK’s Home Office website and fill out a short questionnaire to determine your personal visa criteria.

You can also check the Home Office website for visa processing timelines for the type of visa you want to apply for. There is an optional service where you can pay an additional charge to have your visa application processed ahead of others. In most situations, you apply for your visa online through the Home Office website. However, the regulations change often, so make sure you have the most up-to-date information. If you’re relocating as a family, keep in mind that your family members or dependents will need to apply for their visas simultaneously.

Searching for a home in Liverpool

The once tired and disused seafront warehouses and dockland buildings have been transformed into modern and luxurious penthouses and apartments thanks to innovative regeneration programmes that began in the 1990s across the city. Many of these sought-after residences have breathtaking views.

Terraced houses that make perfect family homes, good community facilities and schools, and a strong community feel can all be found across Liverpool. Our apartments and studios to LET are located right across the city of Liverpool. View our properties here. 

Our offices are based in Liverpool with our award-winning staff to meet all of your house hunting needs. If you wish to move to Liverpool or just want to talk about your options, visit our Liverpool location today or phone us on 0151 363 6686.