Why Is Liverpool So Popular Amongst Renters?

Did you know that one in every eight home movers expect to move house in the next five years? If you are considering moving house and relocating further afield, why not consider Liverpool? There are many reasons why Liverpool is one of the top rental destinations in the UK. Qube Residential has gathered the top reasons why you should consider moving to this great city. Here are some ideas to help you determine whether Liverpool is the perfect place for you.

The city of Liverpool

The city of Liverpool has changed dramatically in the last decade, despite its long history as a hub of artistic activity and hard-fought social concerns. The installation of the now well-known Liverpool One complex of shops, restaurants, cinemas, and hotels. To mention just some of the numerous changes aimed to lure more residents and tourists to the city. This has resulted in a massive revamp of its reputation as well as its appearance. Thanks to its three universities and several colleges and academies, Liverpool has long been home to a vibrant student population. It’s easy to see why so many young people consider it their perfect home, thanks to a combination of friendly locals, sports teams, and famous nightlife.

However, another significant problem unavoidably impacts students in the current financial climate, and many young professionals are housing costs, and more specifically, rent. According to articles like this one on the financial website This is Money, less than half of us will own our own homes by 2041. With this in mind and London’s notoriously excessive rents, it’s no wonder that towns like Leeds and Liverpool are drawing tenants of all ages.

Renting in Liverpool

While Liverpool spans a large suburban region, with areas like Smithdown Road and Kensington retaining their popularity among student populations, what are the best alternatives for renting in the city centre? The good news is that, despite the city’s cheaper rent than the national average, there is still something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Areas in Liverpool

The docklands neighbourhood, particularly One Park West, which opened in 2008, provides attractive, contemporary flats among the most costly in Liverpool; don’t expect to pay less than £1,000 per month for two bedrooms. Nonetheless, the grand building is located in the middle of a shopping and dining complex. It offers beautiful views of the Mersey River.

What was once the wealthy merchants’ houses of the early 18th century have long since been converted into flats and houses, often retaining stunning original features such as fireplaces and elegantly tiled hallways. Across the city, the Georgian Quarter offers something at the opposite end of the spectrum. This region has grown increasingly popular with students and families in recent years, and rent remains relatively affordable. It’s also not uncommon to see a TV or film production crew on one of the city’s streets!

Duke Street

Duke Street, which runs parallel to Bold Street and houses the FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and runs from the city’s magnificent China Town archway into the Liverpool One shopping complex, is home to numerous new restaurants and coffee shops. The Street’s convenience makes it a logical choice for anyone seeking to live in the city’s centre. The higher-end flats are unavoidably more expensive. But one can’t help but feel that the location is also a big plus in this part of town.

Commercial District

Finally, the Commercial District is an attractive option for individuals looking to be near the city’s centre. This neighbourhood stretches from Leeds Street in the north to the city’s heart and ends on Strand Street. Boasts outstanding views of Pier Head and Albert Dock, has a lot to offer.

Flats in this area are popular among residents and young professionals, and many are available for £650-850 a month. The buildings themselves are a standout feature of this neighbourhood. With several listed buildings and examples of the city’s superb Georgian architecture.