Why you should consider moving to Liverpool

Are you considering moving to Liverpool? The city has a lot to love with its unique blend of skyscrapers, waterfront, parkland, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous historical buildings.

The seaport is famous for many things. Including its friendly people, world-class football teams, distinctive local accents, famous musicians, epic warehouse parties, and much more. Many southerners who are sick of their demanding commutes and high living costs often find a much happier life in this northwestern metropolis.

Liverpool has all of the characteristics of any big European city. With its dynamic international culture and great local facilities, while also benefiting from its smaller size. The centre is easy to explore on foot. The streets are lively without seeming as packed as they do in larger UK cities. According to Numbeo’s Cost of Life Plus Rent Index, residents in Liverpool earning £30,000 per year enjoy a level of living that would demand an income of £48,841.07.

If you’re considering relocating, here are just a few reasons why you should consider Liverpool.

It is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities

Though Liverpool may not come to mind as immediately as Bath, York, Oxford, Cambridge, or Edinburgh, the city deserves a top spot among the country’s most beautiful cities.

Liverpool’s city centre is home to numerous spectacular historical sites (together known as Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City). The list covers some of the city’s most well-known monuments and architectural wonders, such as the Pier Head, the Royal Albert Dock, and the Ropewalks region.

Many of these stunning places cluster near the waterfront and appear in many of the city’s most renowned photographs. The Three Graces dominate the renowned waterfront skyline, and the city’s mythological Liver birds can be seen from most roofs in the city centre, perched atop the dome of The Liver Building and gazing out over the river.

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Moving to Liverpool means you can live both near the beach and in the city

There are very few places where you can experience the lively, cosmopolitan ambience of a large metropolis. While being within easy reach of magnificent beaches. Crosby Beach, about 15 minutes from the city centre (by Merseyrail), has Anthony Gormley’s iron sculptures sprinkled across the sand.

Another Place‘ is a collection of 100 cast iron sculptures facing out to sea. All of the figures take inspiration from the artist’s own body. The iron figures show and hide as the tide lowers and flows throughout the day. This hugely popular piece of public art has intrigued, engaged, and occasionally emotionally moved residents and visitors alike.

It is at the forefront of modern art and culture

In the North, Liverpool is the go-to location for contemporary art. It’s a city that has culture around every corner. Art, photography, sculpture, and theatre are all well-served by the various galleries, playhouses, and exhibitions throughout the city centre and beyond.

The Waterfront, in particular, is home to several incredible galleries, including the Tate Liverpool and Open Eye Gallery. They provide visitors with the opportunity to explore internationally acclaimed exhibitions throughout the year. With both permanent and visiting collections for viewers to admire.

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